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MAJESTIC Massage London invites seekers of pleasurable sensations to become acquainted with exceptional tantric massages. Our  body to body massage treatments are renowned as one of heightened pleasure with a huge helping of intimacy.

If you’d like to experience deeper levels of unadulterated pleasure and intense sensations that provides effective stress relief or wanting to try something new?  MAJESTIC Massage London  provide Tantric massage techniques by stunning therapists. 

Are you seeking a unique respite and euphoria beyond that of intercourse?  We offer an exceptionally enjoyable journey of  intimate relaxation in the form of naturist tantric massages that includes Body to Body Massage along with naturist body worshipping showers.

Tel: +44 0207 060 5671

During your MAJESTIC Massage London booking, you will experience an exciting sensual journey that takes you beyond the realms of Western therapeutic relaxation. Your masseuse will expertly touch, tease and knead your body beyond compare. Please relax, it’s  your masseuse’s duty to sense your body’s reaction, control them, knowing how to distract and extend these natural sensual reactions in tune with your desires.

MAJESTIC Erotic Massage London soothe each and everyone, men, women and couples.

All MAJESTIC Massage London therapists are extensively skilled in the ancient art of Tantra to provide a bespoke service.  Using their skill and intuition, your massage can be tailored to your preferences. Please inquire whilst making your reservation.

MAJESTIC Sensual Massage London offers the zenith of tantric massages.

MAJESTIC Massage London sessions create an aura thick with intimacy and erotic mystery.  Suited to both sexes; its the ideal couple’s massage.

“Tantric massage eases the mind to discoveries of new and EXCITING sensations”….. Indulge yourself with MAJESTIC Massage London masseuses.

Look forward to the ultimate in naturist relaxation,  padded with luxuriant intimate sensations.   MAJESTIC Massage London Masseuses touch every inch of your body.

 Sensual Massage London

Tel: +44 (0)702 407 3053 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is by far one of the oldest type of therapies used for relaxation. Research has proven massage was practiced in the Far and Middle East at least 5000 years ago. additional research also suggests that massage therapy has long been practiced in Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. It is known for it’s numerous benefits to the body as well as the spirit 

Apart from the delicious sensations, massage  provides therapeutic techniques that involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. It is the calming process of kneading, stroking, and pressing various areas of the body. It is used to alleviate pain, relieves stress, tension or to relax the body. It stimulates and tones the body also.

Read more on for an idea of what to expect from your MAJESTIC Tantric Massage London Session.                

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Tel: +44 (0)702 407 3053 

Tel: +44 0207 060 5671


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