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Full Body Massage- London’s New  Luxurious Past Time.

Full Body MASSAGE  conducted in the nude is London’s new stress free past-time for very busy men and women.This amazing erotic massage service is provided by esteemed, genuine young naturist, versed in the craft of Tantric relaxation to your oe or chosen hotel in Central London..

What do you think of when you think of a relaxing full body massage? The common idea is being carefully wrapped in a drape or blanket while your masseuse try to relax you by exposing each body part as required.

Full body Massage In London

What happens if you are a free spirit? One who wishes to remain unclothed? What happens in this scenario when the recipient (as is usual) naturally gets excited during a normal full body massage?

Book one of our listed practitioners who provide full body nude massages that are as sensual as massages get and takes a very different approach. Celebrate naturism,  these masseuses adore the body in it’s natural form. They are very familiar with the body’s natural reaction to sensual touch, especially during naked massages, so just let it all go.

Head Massage

A modernized  naked body massage delivered in a classy and professional way, very far from the norm. The intimate B2B (Body to Body Massage) begins with a warm body worshiping bath or shower; these masseuses take great care of you.


This naturist Full body massage service is deemed the best by many worldwide business men and women, couples included.  All  sessions include the normal Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage (if requested) for those who need therapeutic massage relaxation to begin, with the added benefit of the body being able to react naturally to being touched.

The Nude Full Body Massage that is Now The Alternative Massage Therapy, Conducted Nude.

The principles of tantric massage and nude body to body massage is a way to lengthen pleasure. Being touched for the ultimate in relaxation in the most incredible way.  

Throw your blanket or drape to the side and indulge in some of the finest sensual massage moves and unadulterated erotic relaxation by masseuses of fantastic charm, warmth and elegance.

 Nude Massage

There are specific sensual tantric massage for women that reflects the profound nature of the female body. A woman does not look like a man, does not think like a man.  His and her sensations and relaxation needs are different, their expectations and results of sensual                                                                                        massages are also different.


Nude Full body Massage – For women

This special tantric Nude massage for women is designed expressly to stimulate your deepest emotions. You want to better understand and feel your body, develop your sense of touch and discover the well-being and reassurance that invade the body due to stress relief, fatigue and nervous tension.


Ladies, your body is designed to capture all that is sweet. The tenderness and sweetness are a source of energy for you. Their deficiency can subsequently be detected in terms of activity, mood swings etc.. This massage has been specifically developed to give you complete healing. You will feel more stable, cheerful and more fulfilled with this fantastic moment of rest; a journey into the depths of oneself to enjoy the well-being and relaxation. Principles.


Sensual body massages for women consists of feminine gestures of extreme flexibility, it energizes, harmonizes and reveals the life force within you. Kneading,  softer, and more attentive caresses,contributes slightly more.  With regular sessions it even refines your figure. You celebrate the receptors and function of your body; you will feel lighter and your sleep will be intense and softer.


For men, Women or Couples, Visit the Masseuses page to  choose your masseuse, if available she/he will be with you within 30 to 40 min in Zone 1 Central London areas. Call now!  +44 (0)207 060 5671 


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