Hotel Massage Service Eases Jet-Lag

London Hotel Massage Service is an outcall visiting massage created for busy men and women…  It’s a discreet service that offers the  finest blend of luxurious body to body relaxation coupled with  tantric massage, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue massage techniques to soothe and pamper your entire body. These nude session by MAJESTIC London hotel massage results in intense intimate and luxurious relaxation that takes you to the depth of unimaginable ecstasy never experienced during a conventional therapeutic massage.



Room Service Massage By MAJESTIC London Hotel Massage

Providers of  the  winning combination of satisfying massage treatments, MAJESTIC Massages are carried out by some of the world’s most beautiful, young naturist masseuses. Blessed with incredible bodies great looks and sensual warmth,  each with her own attractive personality that is imparted to you in every session.  

During your MAJESTIC London Hotel Massage  time actually does disappear as you are swept into a world of sweet surrender. Before your appointment, your therapist introduces herself and inquire if there are any boundaries in terms of where she can and cannot touch.  It is recommended you take shower or bath prior to her arrival. It’s quite an intimate session and we want you to be comfortable as possible with nothing to hold you back or disturb you from the sensations to come.    

All MAJESTIC London Hotel massages can and is often began with a shared shower or bath depending on duration of the session you ordered.  There are added charges unless this is already included in your session.  


VIP Hotel Massage Service


A tantric massage can be performed at any location or facility that is self contained with shower or bath facilities.  Your chosen space is set by your masseuse, using candles and the provision of music, incense (if required) and good quality massage oil. All this  is taken care of by your masseuse at no additional cost.

Visiting Hotel Massage in London Saves You Time

No need to get dressed and go out, we visit you. Deemed an exclusive brand of Executive Naturist Massages, MAJESTIC London Hotels Massage also visit residences in Mayfair, Westminster, Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, Park Lane Hotels Piccadilly London, City of London and outskirts.

Quality Naturist Erotic Tantric massages As Nature intended..

Your Nude Tantric Massage may begin with gentle breathing, with light to medium strokes to the back, head or feet. We then concentrate on producing delicious sensations to other areas of the physique,  stroking the body more rigorously as the massage progresses.  The massage is created with the utmost relaxation and  pleasure at the fore-front of our minds, therefore getting  aroused is not be out of the ordinary and it totally acceptable.

Out call Hotel Massage

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