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Indian Head Massage could be what you need for a quick fix.

Indian Head massage anyone? Are you stressed even after a nice relaxing weekend, returning to work with dread? Even if you are satisfied with your job, you  can be stressed by the demands of home and in the workplace.

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You may be dreaming of some time off from work,  a two-week vacation in Hawaii sounds grand, so does exemption from import duties.  Sadly this is not often the case.  Have you ever thought of a quick massage as a means of escape? Even a short massage is beneficial in providing respite from stress or discomfort.

If you are not familiar with Indian head massage here is something you should know. Firstly it is not a new therapy, it happens all over the world and it is not harmful. Records dating back to over 3 000 years document its use; The ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of various massage therapy for many ailments; and even Hippocrates wrote about joint and circulatory problems suggesting rubbing and friction is recommended. 

A Indian head massage also include massaging of the scalp, face, ears, the neck shoulders, and upper arms.

Early general massage therapy became very popular and this increased in the 1930’s and 40’s. Modern medicine even recommended head massage therapy and it’s benefits. During the the 1950’s – 60’s massage suffered a decrease, was discounted, used less and less.

During the 1996 Summer Olympics, massage was again deemed the core health care, this gave it great credibility.  Massage was once again at the forefront as a great way to relax. Head massage or Champissage is popular all over Europe and was introduced to the United States in the 90’s.

A massage helps the body in different areas. 

So much of our nervous system is in our heads.

All massages are carried out in the same general way, sometimes harder other times a a lot softer.. If you suffer from regular headaches, try to massage the head. This type of massage is often offered in specialist salons and spas, or it can be done at home or hotels.

Oils can be used in some cases. You may, however, opt for the no oil massage using Talcum powder or creams instead. In either case, you can leave your clothes on, unlike most other massages, where one is partially clothed or nude massage techniques that does not include towels. If the oil into the procedure, be sure to cover your clothes to protect them.

There are many benefits to Indian head massaging. 

Primarily, it is a restful time to enjoy being touched, which in turn causes the muscles to relax. the Spirit is peaceful and exalted. It also improves blood circulation. 

My dad went to one of these retreats due to his tinnitus and migraines. He was surprised at how much better he felt after having a Indian Massage. Hair grows better after the treatment also. When you have a headache or feeling stressed even a self  head massage works to ease your pain. It is easier to sleep and concentrate too..

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