Tantric Lingam Massage – The Benefits .

Tantric Lingam Massage, what are the benefits?

Lingam massage – Curious anyone?

Tantric Lingam Massage what is it? Tantric Lingam Massage – (Male Intimate area) Yoni (Female intimate area)

In terms of sensual pleasure, the yoni and lingam massage are no different and play an integral part of the tantric massage journey. . These areas are the most sensitive parts of our bodies. As sensitive it also rretain stress, traumatic experiences and stored emotional, physical and psychological pain sits there festering. The yoni and lingam massage have  shared secrets and stories that will be revealed during a tantric massage. These massages clear built up stress and deeply unite you with self.

Western view of this massage

With our western view of the body, we consider all intimate areas especially the yoni and the lingam as a “separate” part of our selves. We have weird names for, or even call these “our cross” “naughty bits”. Those words – to me at least – conjures a sinful effect immediately. Trespassing, apparently. 

I remember an old school friend, who called it her “peepee”. It is clear that this ‘for Vagina’ and could only be used to go to the toilet. In general, the yoni and lingam are seen as something only displayed and / or touched when there is a clear purpose: to make sexual contact with ecstatic climax referred to as the end of that particular session.  Approaching the yoni and lingam massage from a tantric view makes it all very exciting, and I do not mean once in the positive sense.

Consider this piece of our body as home to a non-accepting attitude in itself. What a contorted look at an ordinary part of our dear body? Tantric Massage go some way of stripping these ideas. Lingam massage

Erotic Lingam/Lingham Tantric Massage, what are the benefits?

These Intimate Tantric Lingam Massages can address Sexual Disfunction.

Sensitivities – of a Yoni and Lingam Massage

There are in this world, hundreds, thousands, no,  millions of men and women who are trapped in their bodies. Who do not love themselves. What better gift can you give yourself and each other, to learn to cherish every other part of your body? Be an example for your children, your friends, their friends. Teach that there is nothing to be ashamed in

This way we can begin to approach body consciousness  from a different perspective: all areas viewed as a part of our body that needs just as much attention as any other piece.  Let us look with softer eyes as if it were a flower, somewhere you can travel to.  Deep admiration in acceptance of this part of our body, the more acceptance we receive from others the more normal it gets.

What is a Tantric massage yoni or lingam massage ?

A lingam Tantric massage should NOT be deemed as masturbation.  

Masturbation has an agenda, a purpose, a point reached ‘must’. The orgasm is the highest goal. There is no consciousness in the present, but a continuous ‘working towards a goal’.

Partners who masturbate each (other than indirectly) are concerned with their own agenda: the ego being caressed as they ‘manage’ to get another to that peak. Under the motto of wanting to please the other person’s own ego.

Touching becomes the ego of the other, in such a case, movements are targeted and hurried. After all, something has to be proven.


How is a yoni or lingam Tantric massage done?

Yoni and lingam massages, performed by a properly trained masseusse / masseur provides awareness-raising soft, incredibly strong sensations by patient and loving touch. There is no goal, there is no agenda other than the pure pure touch and sensual enjoyment in  itself.

With the same energy as that of the shoulders, back, legs, feet, hands, etc. are touched. No different pace, no effective ‘friction’. It is an endless feeding, opening the floodgates of pleasure; heavenly. 

Because we have abandoned the eternal goal of orgasm it gives a totally new experience. It unfolds what is at that moment a gift in itself, this one person, this one moment. When it does happen and it will, whatever is discharged is healing and should be accepted; it comes to this one moment with this one person.  And yes, there will certainly be ‘ whole body orgasmic’ sensations going through your body.

Rejuvenate your mind and body

(Sanskrit:  literally “vagina” or “womb”) is the symbol of the Goddess (Shakti or Devi), the Hindu Divine Mother. Within Shaivism, the sect dedicated to the god Shiva, the yoni symbolizes his consort. The male counterpart of the yoni is Shiva’s linga. Their union represents the eternal process of creation and regeneration. Since the late 19th century, some have interpreted the yoni and the lingham as aniconic representations of the vulva and a phallus respectively”.
There are wonderful erotic ‘effects’ to be enjoyed from the yoni or lingham Tantric massage. These sensations are often ignored by Western massage practices. The healing effect of a yoni or lingham Tantric massage is a part of our tantric massage. Why would it not be ?
Lingam Massage

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