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Nude Tantric Massage Uniquely Blended to Ease Stress while Promoting Relaxation.

Nude Tantric Massage For Couples, Men and Women.

I’d say of all massage types, it’s a nude tantric massage that requires the most creativity imagination and style. While many ordinary therapeutic massages are aimed at strengthening, easing pain or toning the body, a nude massage is far more exciting, pleasurable and enticing.

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It is unlike normal medical therapeutic approaches to massage.  Firstly it’s conducted in the nude and  includes rubbing the right places frowned upon normally. Knowing the difference between the ‘ simple back rub’ and nude tantric massage becomes important in making your decision.

A back rub is an enjoyable short yet effective way of getting rid of tension or stress. A nude tantra massage is a more of an erotic massage involving a great deal of intimate caresses and nudity .

Many people see the term tantric as a double entendre. Massages can mean so many things starting with a quick back rub to ease you into the mood to exciting yet controlled manual genital stimulation beyond your imagination.  We see the genital area as a part of the body too.

Sensual Tantric Massage Therapy

A genuine tantric massage communicates through sound, sight and most importantly, touch, it involves all the sense.  For couples who have been in a long term relationship or couples just starting a new relationship using tantric massage is a great way to relax in order to open yourself to your partner.

Explore a unique session that enhances your ability to experience copious amounts of pleasure. It is also known that individuals and couples that partake in regular sensual massages find it strengthens the foundation of the relationship and make for a healthier sex life .

The Prelude to Great intimacy of Tantric Couples Massage.

A  Couples massage can be seen as an erotic prelude to lovemaking.  When people think of this massage they often think of the fiddling that goes on before having sex. Much more than a prelude to sexual intercourse, this massage encompasses a lot by controlling your sensations and is helpful to those with ejaculation issues.

Soothing and stimulating, a couple massage has been described as being far more superior than sex added to the fact it brings couples closer through powerful, sensually rewarding sensations experienced together. A very special and memorable experience you will want to replay time and time again.

Nude Tantric Massage

Communicate with your partner in the first place, tell him or her about your plans of enjoying a erotic massage together. Most of us are used to traditional massages, make sure he/she understand on this occasion, your massage session will be different other times. Make sure you and your partner have a mutual understanding of what you are both about to experience; this helps in setting the mood and anticipation.

Make a note of the items required to set the stage for your night that caters to each of the five senses.  Think of items that will enhance the whole experience. Scented candles incense and romantic music that will help you both relax and create a romantic mood. Necessary are massage oil, ensure it’s of good quality. Clean towels, fresh flat sheets in a nice clean room and ensure there will be no disturbances.

Take a romantic shower or bath before to begin your sensual adventure. This is a prime activity to start your massage session. Remember your mind set is important , take your time and think of the pleasure you are providing. With these thoughts, nothing but pure erotic sensations will emit from your touch.  To begin, touch your partner in a non-sexual way and non-sexual parts of the body to slowly build up and set a sensual mood. Later proceed to massage around the genitals to tease with light touches and firmer caresses where necessary.  

The most important thing to remember is what your partner likes or how any human being enjoy being touched.  A nude tantric massage should make you and your partner feel good. Concentrate on providing pleasure, that is the goal. If your efforts are successful, your partner should now be on heat, wanting nothing more than than making love.  A massage may have been the goal in and of itself, though this type of massage often lead to sex during my experience with couples. We don’t mind and often encourage it in our presence.

Dont forget to spend intimate time together even after the session . Wherever you and your partner end up. It may be having sexual intercourse or manual stimulation, it’s always nice to cuddle after your intimate experience and spend a moment talking and reflecting on your erotic experience together.

Would you like to experience a Nude Full Body Massage together where you simultaneously enjoy copious intimate sensations led by experts together? Give us a call to make your reservation.

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Nude Tantric Massage Uniquely Blended to Ease Stress

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