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 Tantra Massage Techniques

Tantra Massage Techniques – The Benefits Of Naturist Sensual Massage

Tantra Massage Techniques – What are they used for?

These techniques are used as a means to opening the gateway or extending awareness and lengthens pleasure.  These techniques are deeply relaxing, opens energy ports, rid stress while providing enormous relaxation and pleasure. 

“Sexual energy is the most powerful sensation that mankind has ever experienced. It is our basic energy, our so-called life energy.  Very beneficial in assisting with our own sexual nature in keeping us on good terms with self.   Get past the shame or shyness associated with nudity.  Go beyond oppression of covering up our most beautiful attire to find yourself, develop self-love, self-esteem, pleasure, passion and great enjoyment”.

Tantric Massage London

Sexuality is part of life and is often misunderstood or recognized as such. There is still shame attached to the naked body or yearning to be touched.

Most babies start exploring touch therapy as young as 6-8 Months old. It is done for the sensations that this exploration provide.

Mostly parents are embarrassed and stop that kind of “behavior” by pulling the hands away or changing the child’s position. The beginning of shame associated with our body begins.

What can tantra massage do for you?

 Genuine Tantra Techniques

Along with it’s many benefits tantra massage provides access to new forms of appreciating touch and sexual enjoyment without penetration at the fore. To be touched in the most respectful and loving way possible.

Being massaged in the nude makes it easier to surrender and create space to explore yourself and open up to deeper levels of self. We live in a time when it seem necessary to constantly keep going, routine, stress  and discontent are predominant factors.  Get off the beaten track and get to know your body.

Set time aside to explore and discover the treasures that are hidden deep inside you. This type of service offer the opportunity to better connect with your feelings and emotions; being in touch with your body and that of your partner too.


More than just a massage In London

Tantra Massage techniques offers more than just a simple massage in London,  its always provided by raising sensual awareness with the provision of intimate sensations.

We breath in sync together.

The 3 hours tantric session include tantric breathing techniques that controls ejaculation.

This type of breathing exercise deepens the ability to receive tantra massage on a deeper level without fear of reaching climax too quickly and is much more than western types of massage.

It takes on a deeper level of pleasure.

Tantra techniques are provided with the utmost respect, with the utmost care given to your preferences. Pleasure should never be rushed and you are given time to actually enjoy.

More benefits of a naturist tantric massage.

Genuine Tantra Massage

Naturist massage is an introduction to a different way of experiencing intimacy, it invites you to better connect keeping in constant touch with your body’s reaction which is either heightened or lowered in order that you get the most out of your session. 

Massage in general is healing on multiple levels, and leaves you in a deep sense of relaxation and bliss. Putting you in touch with greater life energies, tantra techniques allow enjoyment of being touched in an unprecedented way.  

Naturist massage provides a secure channel where you can be yourself.  Its a sacred space created for your enjoyment. A space of total acceptance, loving presence. A place where you can just be yourself and be seen in the overall presence of everything. These components create opportunities to grow.

Become Acquainted With Independent Naturist Masseuses – A special naturist experience

During  this massage you will feel total acceptance and delight of all the senses. Tantra massage is sensual, stimulating and liberating. It is a very special activity due to its unique delivery and satisfied post relaxed feeling.  Indeed it is an unforgettable experience.

There are many positive effects of this type of pampering, the best way to feel the effects of this special massage is for you is to experience it yourself. 

Look around the site and learn more about nude tantra massage techniques. 


The Benefits Of Nude Tantra Techniques

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