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Tantric massage London Mayfair


Tantric Massage London; the MAJESTIC Combination Of Nude Massages for Men and Women.


MAJESTIC Tantric Massage London  the discreet Nude Massage for people who need superb relaxation.  A special service created with the entire body in mind; not an inch will be missed.  

Stunning international and local students, models and qualified therapists provide a unique experience. It’s an exciting journey of gentle soothing caresses leading to sweet sweet surrender of tantric massage.



All are experienced in the art of seductive touch therapy. Nudity is often deemed taboo in some societies especially if it involves the opposite sex or a  man’s sexual pleasure.

The topic of how to to pleasure a man enjoy wide coverage in the west. Heads snap up with interest in conversations regarding the subject. Everyone is interested in learning new or improved techniques on how to please their man or woman in the bedroom.

Tantric massage Erotic and Experienced Therapists for Men & Women.

MAJESTIC Naturist Tantric Massage Agency are continually improving our services with new tasty treats invented or developed to keep our clients happy. MAJESTIC Massage therapy was developed to erotically pleasure our clients completely.

Recent studies shows the prostate gland is the sensual or sexual center of men. MAJESTIC Prostate Massage when combined with a tantric massage, provide a tremendous release of emotional, mental and physical stress and is an extremely pleasurable experience for a man when combined with the Lingam massage.

This form of massage therapy has been used for centuries and is conducted in the nude on the naked body.  We pride ourselves in providing an upscale brand of totally unique intimate adult relaxation.

 Prostate Massage and it’s Benefits

The Prostate (Sacred Spot) massage not only heightens a man’s reflex sensation on ejaculating, it also increases sensitivity yielding the most pleasurable sensations a man can ever experience.

We manipulate the prostate by what is known as ‘milking the gland’  stimulating the hidden area known as the (hidden penis) expertly.  Imagine the effect of stimulating all three areas?   Aside from the physiological effects,  the psychological aspect of prostate massage is also pleasurable because most men are unaccustomed to being penetration.

Tantric massage London experts  encourage you to relax while you are coached to experience delicious sensations

 Tantric Massage London Relaxation                
Apart from the pleasure derived from stroking the S-Spot (Prostate), it also has great medicinal purposes. A lot of physicians are advising  patients to massage their prostate gland regularly to prevent prostate cancer.  Our erotic masseurs are experienced gentle touch therapists who understand your body.

Our therapists put you at ease before, during and after this luxurious sensual experience of soothing euphoria.

MAJESTIC Tantric provides the finest choice of discreet, intimate Erotic massage therapists, thoroughly professional.

The sweet smell of incense or scented candles and the faint sound of relaxing music provided by your masseur helps you relax in preparation for unique sensations.


You can book an intimate Tantric Massage London masseuse to visit you in your  hotel for as early as 7 am,  if booked the day prior.

Sensual Massage Escape in London

MAJESTIC Tantric Massage London UNIQUE brand of naturist massages. You can book by phone every day From 12pm.


Tantric Massage London

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