Tantric Massage Mayfair – Incall and Out Call Service.

Tantric Massage Mayfair Service is available to your Residents and Hotel rooms as well as discreet locations for you to visit. Not so long ago, a tantric massage Mayfair service (or anywhere in London for that matter) was unheard of.
Tantric MASSAGE Mayfair London

The art of  Tantra hails from the East,  rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. As most of us know, one of London’s finest areas is that of Mayfair. It is situated amongst equally swish streets, Regents Street Oxford Street, Park Lane (another great area) and the well known Piccadilly. Mayfair is known as the  the heart of the city of London.

Tantric massage Mayfair London

So where does the name Mayfair come from?

The name Mayfair is derived from a previous enjoyable day,  ‘the 15 day fair’ that was previously held in the area in the month of May.  More of a rowdy fair, the May-fair was once the site of a  15-day-long spring fair held in the 1600s, it was then known as Brookfield Market.

This great event was frowned upon by the aristocrats of the area which led to a huge outcry from most the well heeled who lived even farther away. They felt the May fair was attracting undesirables from the poorer areas of London and that would certainly bring the area down.

With it’s very large and attractive houses- this lush and exclusive area is known to attract the rich and powerful.  Mayfair is surrounded by many beautiful parks and the quaint areas and exclusive residents that have attracted some of the world’s finest shops and some of the most exclusive businesses. Mayfair is now among many areas visited by people from all walks of life.

Apart from a truly fantastic area, in call Tantric Massage Mayfair in-call Service is available for today’s well heeled as well as out call tantric massage visits to your  Mayfair hotels and homes.

Enjoy a naturist Tantric Massage Mayfair Sessions

Do you have an hour between clients or meetings? Fancy relaxation after a hard day or desire a massage before an evening  out.    We visit you  or you can experience a Tantric Massage Mayfair booking in a Private In-call locations.

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Tantric Massage Mayfair

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