MAJESTIC London Massage I FAQ

How discreet are MAJESTIC London MassageTherapists?
Majestic Massage London Therapists are dressed in a modest way often being mistaken for guests in hotels or a family friend visiting you at home. Your details are immediately destroyed once the massage is over masseuses/masseur have left and under no circumstances will you be contacted again.

Do you accept Credit Cards For MAJESTIC London Massage Service?

For convenience and discretion Majestic London Massage  not not  accept Credit Cards. This keeps the transaction smooth whilst also protecting your identity.

How long do I have to wait to for my MAJESTIC Massage London masseuse to arrive?

MAJESTIC Massage London masseuses aim to arrive within 30-40 minutes after your call in  zone 1 of Central London.  All massages includes an extra 30 min for setting up, meaning you get the full duration paid for. We also like our masseuses to rest in between MAJESTIC massage London bookings so book your masseuse early to avoid disappointment.

May I massage/fondle the masseuse or masseur during my Majestic Massage London bvooking ?

MAJESTIC massage London provides a service that requires your concentration and relaxation to to fully benefit from the sensations we provide. Please remain in a passive mode throughout your session, your masseuse has the right to end the session if you persist with inappropriate behavior.

MAJESTIC Massage London Terms and Conditions

MAJESTIC Massage London Terms and Conditions must be read prior to your booking.
All prices for INCLUDE transportation fee for your massage within Central London zone 1 only, please request a quote for transportation outside this area. Zone 1 includes areas like Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Park Lane, Oxford Street, Kensington etc.

Airport (Heathrow, Gatwick) bookings please add £ 80 before 7pm and £100 thereafter.
In the unlikely event of cancellation of your massage on the masseuse’s dispatch or on arrival travel fee will apply for travel.
Charges will be dependent on distance within or from Central London.
Majestic London Massage reserves the right to refuse any client whose intent, behavior or appearance is not consistent with our policies to prevent violation of our staff’s safety.
The Majestic Massage London is STRICTLY a massage and is in no way an invitation for intercourse. Our masseuses will not have intercourse, oral or otherwise with you.
We reiterate, Majestic London Massage does not include sexual intercourse nor oral sex with our masseuses.
BEFORE Your Massage Session
This is a intimate massage, please take a shower before your therapist arrive. Set the room temperature at a comfortable, warm level.
DURING MAJESTIC London Massage Session
On booking your Majestic Massage London Servioce you agree to remain in a PASSIVE role throughout the entire massage.
AFTER Your MAJESTIC London Massage Service
Kindly allow your masseuse or masseur to take a shower after finishing your massage service, and provide a clean towel for their use.
Please note we do not offer escort services and there is no intercourse involved nor should it be expected.

Should you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ, please give one of our friendly assistants a call.

MAJESTIC London Massage FAQ

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